The youth belonging to rural and tribal communities are underrepresented in the development agenda. Despite being a majority of population, their needs and realities remain hidden and unaddressed in the larger political, social and economic arenas. In 2006, three young men belonging to rural areas of Madhya Pradesh came together with the aim of working for the rights of children and formed Synergy Sansthan in Harda district of Madhya Pradesh which also served as a platform where young men and women from rural communities could develop their skills and potential to work on social issues and simultaneously fulfill their monetary requirements.


Gradually, Synergy’s experience and knowledge of the realities of rural youth grew as countless young men and women got associated with the organization as employees and volunteers.It was realized that if young people are given opportunities to develop themselves and their leadership skills, they have the energy to transform the structures that marginalize them and their communities.  Consequently. the need for specialized programs targeting young people’s specific issues was felt. In 2012, the organization successfully integrated youth-centric approach in its work through which the specific needs of young people who belong to rural and tribal communities can be addressed by ensuring their active participation in addressing issues that systematically leave them behind. Hence, Synergy is committed to bringing about social change by investing in the prime years of a human life: starting from childhood until the youthood. We believe that an able and aware youth can successfully work towards building a just and peaceful society.