India has the largest youth population in the world

Nearly 40 per cent of the Indian population is aged 13 to 35 years

And Synergy Sansthan focuses on their growth!


Synergy Sansthan is a community-based youth-led organization that aims to empower children, adolescents and youth belonging to rural and tribal communities of Madhya Pradesh to realize their potential, build their capacities, become aware citizens and take leadership to ensure social inclusion, peace and justice in the society.

Since 2004 Synergy Sansthan is focused in Harda, which has a population of about five 5,71,000 which is scattered into small communities in different villages. Out of 45 villages of 571 villages are in the forests.



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Our Approach


Journeys with Youth and Adolescents

Synergy Sansthan practices especially designed programmes that allow adolescents and youth to develop a deeper awareness and understanding about themselves. It is related to social realities by participating in immersive exposures and act based on the learning through self-designed action projects. The programs range from providing a physical space where young people from trbal and rural communities. They are motivated come together and organize themselves to the ones which aim to nurture entrepreneurial skills of young people who wish to work on their own social change ideas. 

Community Mobilization and Action

There are specifically designed programs for advocating human rights issues (especially women, environment,education and health) of the tribal communities at the center of our intervention. Community Mobilization and Action Programs aim to build rural youth leaders who are able to raise their voices and act upon tribal population's social and cultural marginalization.

Collective Action

Synergy Sansthan belives in collective action at all possible platforms by organizing campaigns that contribute in influencing policy decisions at the local level. The Collective Actions are covered by the local media for larger impact. These campaigns create a positive enviornment for social intervention and raise awareness (and consciousness) of the disctrict on Constitutional rights and values. In addition to their local impact, they hold national and state level importance as Synergy is a part of CYC's network which runs nation-wide campaigns across the country along with many partners.

Key Impact




Team members 


Youth and children directly engaged


Tribal and Non-Tribal partner villages


Active Volunteers

Impact Stories

  • Embark on a musical journey with Changeloomers Anuj and Janradhan who made their own band in their village.

  • Hemlata and Toshiba are the powerful Changeloomers who managed to build Harda's first women's cricket team

  • Ganesh and Purnima are Changeloomers (2018-19) who proved that Kabaddi is not unreachable for girls in tribal villages

  • My life, Mere Faisle facilitator Trapti's story on how she decided to start communicating more with her family

  • Pramila is a young Udaan fellow (2017-18) from Gond tribe who took a step towards her dream. Read more about her.

  • Shantaram narrates his story of being a bonded labour for 17 years till he got rescued